About Us

Blooms of London


  Blooms of London is a brand new company committed to producing stunning accessories, gifts and homeware all inspired by the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of the British Isles.  Our intention isn’t just to celebrate the wealth of wildlife that we are blessed with in Britain, but also to create opportunities for young designers as well as raising invaluable money for charity. 

  Yasemin Guzeler, our company creative director, has worked in London in a variety of industries including fashion, law and finance.  However, she comes from a richly creative family and was soon drawn into a world of more artistic endeavours, setting up the successful Chantam range of beautifully made handbags and shoes that all feature Harris Tweed and carefully selected tartan fabrics.  Her passion for creating beautiful fashion products and unique designs has led to Chantam becoming a highly successful brand, with outlets in many major stores and a host of devoted customers who adore the affordable high quality accessories. 

  After five years in the fashion industry, Yasemin is ready with a beautiful range of brand new designs that all feature unique aspects of the British countryside and the wealth of wildlife that make our country so very special.  Using a combination of beautifully captured photographs and exquisitely executed paintings, the range features vibrant red poppies, delicate English roses, thistles that are bursting with character and demure lilies of the valley.  Beautiful pen and ink sketches show examples of the finest Scottish buildings which contrast beautifully with the modernity of the blue butterfly and honeysuckle range with their strong colours and energetic designs. 

  Our range of products are ideal for gifts as they feature such a range of exciting designs and offer such variety.  Our lovingly designed and beautifully made accessories include scarves, handbags, purses, ties and umbrellas.  Each item benefits from one of our beautiful and unique patterns, making it a stand out piece for those who love statement fashion or bespoke accessories.  We also have a range of stationery, home accessories from cushions to trays and chopping boards; making each item the perfect gift to add character and beauty to any home or outfit, or to treat yourself to something stunning and exceptional.

  We are especially proud of our brand new jewellery range that is in keeping with our ethos of celebrating the natural beauty of the British isles while encouraging and supporting talented young designers.  We believe that young designers deserve a chance in the difficult and competitive professional world.  We appreciate that many immensely gifted designers struggle to find work post-graduation and it is our mission to give them opportunities to express their creativity and build their design careers in a company that respects and values their input.

  We hope you enjoy our ever-expanding range as much as we have enjoyed creating each product.  The British landscape is bursting with such a variety of exquisite beauty and character, that capturing this natural charm and translating it into a range of products has been an absolute pleasure for all involved.

We also offer bespoke design services to our corporate customers.