About Us

Blooms of London

When Blooms of London first launched in 2016, I had no idea quite how successful my unique range of floral and nature-inspired designs would become – nor that would I be the owner of one of the largest collections of transparent umbrellas in the world!

About the Brand

‘Blooms of London’ was born out of a love for luxury style and fashion, combined with a desire to see more accessible, affordable, and whimsical designs on the marketplace – without compromising on quality.

Selling through both wholesale retailers and direct to customer marketplaces, Blooms of London works with distributors across most of the EU and ships directly to all EU countries.

Created by a team of talented designers and myself, every product in the ‘Blooms of London’ collection pays homage to the natural beauty that surrounds us every day – if only we would open our eyes to see it. The brand owes its name to the wonderful city of London and the incredible blooms of flowers and fauna which bring seasonal colour and beauty to the city.


How I brought Blooms of London to life

My journey, like so many other creative ventures, began just as I closed the door on my career in the world of Finance and Law during the financial crisis in 2008. I proceeded to chase the next dream which happened to come my way (in the form of a well-styled woman carrying a tweed and tartan handbag). That particularly striking bag became my sole inspiration when I launched my first brand, Chantam.

After that, I launched ‘Blooms of London’ – delivering the kinds of bespoke and unique designs that I suspected wholesalers and retailers alike were looking for, to breathe new life back into their collections.

Now offering a variety of accessories and homeware products perfect for every kind of lifestyle and all budgets, Blooms of London is my gift to the world – celebrating all things British and natural, in a totally unique way.


Our Vision and Values

My journey in design and marketing has not been an easy one, but every setback and challenge has simply served to enhance my drive and passion for what I do. Part of my overarching vision is to inspire young entrepreneurs and creators to follow their dreams and to never give up hope.

There will always be another buyer, you simply have to find and connect with them.

Blooms of London is built on a genuine love of art and design, whether that be through interesting  patterns, vibrant colour combinations, or playful motifs.

Our aim is to always focus on the high quality of our products. Blooms of London has displayed and sold both in the UK and internationally, through events and locations including:

  • Maison and Object - Paris
  • Whosnext - Paris
  • Museum Connections - Paris
  • Top Drawer - London
  • Spring Fair in - Birmingham
  • New York Now - United States
  • British Consulate of Tokyo, Oslo, Istanbul and Brussels
  • Monet Museum - France
  • Kew Gardens - London
  • Royal Botanical Gardens – Scotland


We are proud to work with Westwing and Showroomprive as some of our key international customers, and Brandalley in UK. We also offer a range of bespoke services to museums, galleries, and other independent and creative outlets.


As a growing small business, I would like to give special thanks to the Department of International Trade and to my Trade advisers for all the support they have provided to me over the years. Through their support I have gained invaluable confidence and experience and know that I would not be where I am today without them.


To find out more about becoming one of our retail partners, please get in touch via email: