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Blooms of London- our new Autumn collection

Whilst we may be feeling more than just a little sad to say goodbye to Summer and hello to the rain, we do have to say that our brand-new Blooms of London collection does make us feel a little better. 

We have created the perfect Autumn collection, designed for the weather and ensures that as the rain comes down, you don’t feel sad to be putting up your brolly. Here are some of the best bits of our newest collection. 

After the Rain Sun Comes

A famous quote says that “it can’t rain all the time”, so why not remind yourself of that with this gorgeous umbrella? Featuring the quote “After the rain sun comes”, it is the ideal addition to any rainy day. It may be a simple design, but it will keep you dry thanks to the POE material and the fibreglass frame. 

Night at the Jungle

Bring the jungle to life with our stunning Night at the Jungle umbrella. Featuring a wide variety of jungle animals, all in a bright and colourful pattern. Ideal for brightening up those dull and dismal days when the rain is pouring down.


Even on the rainiest of days, the flowers still bloom, which is why we love our daisy print umbrella. Dainty and delicate, this umbrella is a great way to brighten up your day and to make sure that you are still smiling. Plus, all that rain is going to be a good way to encourage some more of those beautiful flowers to grow.

Zebra and Tiger print

We love a bit of animal print in our lives, which is why we have decided to add these fantastic animal print umbrellas to our range. Both the Zebra and Tiger print umbrellas are a great way to keep you dry and to stay stylish too. Made from transparent PVC the print is then on the top of the umbrella to make sure that you get noticed.

No matter the weather, with these umbrellas you will be able to walk on the wild side whenever it rains.

Tie-Dye Blue Gradient

Looking for a simple and stylish umbrella to keep you dry when you are out and about? Our Tie Dye Blue Gradient Umbrella is beautifully designed with gorgeous colours that are the perfect way to brighten up any rainy day and get you smiling again.

So, don’t be glum that you have had to go out in the rain, celebrate all the fantastic things that Autumn has to offer and look forward to everything coming up too! Take a look at our amazing Blooms of London Autumn collection and see if you can find an umbrella that will make you want to sing and dance in the rain.

About Blooms of London

Blooms of London is a young and energetic British company that is passionate about design. We create a wide range of products including umbrellas, scarves, handbags, makeup bags, table mats, ties, jewellery, and cushions. 

Our inspiration comes from beautiful objects in the natural world. We use everything from flamingos to flowers in our designs, creating unique and interesting products.

To learn more about products, please contact us at or on the phone via (+44) 0208 014 4560.



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