Make this summer a tropical one with these exciting new designs!

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Blooms of London Announces New Tropical Range

Summer has finally arrived in the UK! After months of being rugged up in dreary jumpers and coats, we get to enjoy our summer clothes again. Now is the perfect time of year to brighten up your look or add some summer-themed decorations to your home. To help you get into the mood for summer, Blooms of London has just released our 2017 Tropical Range.                                                                     

Make this summer a tropical one with these exciting new designs!

Our new tropical range is fun, colourful, and exciting! These designs are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd or bring some colour to an event. They are also perfect for brightening up your home and making it feel like the perfect place to spend summer. 

We have worked with some incredibly talented designers to bring you a range that is eye-catching and unique. The designs include:

Palms leaf designs

We have created three designs using palm leaves. The first is a bright green design with interwoven palm leaves. Each leaf has a striking gold highlight to make the design even brighter. This design is ideal for any purpose, but we just love it on cushions and shopping bags.

The next design uses narrow palm leaves. This design is slightly darker and complements the bright palm leaf design perfectly. The final design packs a lot of punch! It combines shades of blue, purple, and aqua to create a seriously eye-catching design. This design really brightens up a room when used as a cushion cover or table mat. It also looks great as a shopping bag or scarf.

Cactus designs

Our cactus designs are particularly artistic and quite unique. The first design is hand-drawn and showcases a few different cactus plants on a white background. It is quite beautiful and perfect for a pillow, shopping bag, or makeup bag. The other design is a black and white image of the classic cactus plant you might find in the Wild West. It looks fantastic as a pillow.

Pineapple designs

Nothing feels more like summer than sitting in the sun while enjoying a slice of pineapple. If you are crazy about all things summery and sweet, you will love these designs. We have four pineapple designs available.

The first is a simple hand-drawn image of a pineapple. It is a black and white image that is beautifully illustrated. We love how this looks on our shopping bags and pillows. The next one is a funky retro affair. It features a dozen pineapples in a range of colours including purple, blue, brown, and red. The other two designs are also colourful and eye-catching.      

Palm tree designs

This palm tree design is one of our favourites from the tropical range. It features a handful of beautifully illustrated green and blue palm trees on a plain background. It works well as a scarf, pillow, or shopping bag. If you have a cane lounge setting at your home, this is the perfect design for a pillow!

Flamingo designs

If you are looking for something a bit quirkier, our flamingo designs are a great choice. We have two different flamingo designs in the tropical range, including a stylish retro design with pink flamingos and palm trees. 

View our new designs in person!

We are happy to announce that Blooms of London will be attending the Meet the Buyer Festival 2017 in Birmingham. This event is being organized by the Giftware Association and brings together hundreds of buyers and retailers. This event will give you a chance to see our new designs in-person. Come along and say hi — we would love to show you our new range!

Introducing our most sought after designs

In the current month, we are introducing some very sought after designs including:

•  Red Petal Lips

This cute design is colourful and stylish. We love it on handbags and makeup bags in particular.

•  Eyes

We have two designs featuring eyes that just gorgeous.

•  Rain drops

The rain drop umbrellas are cute and quirky.

•  Polkas dots

Our polka dot designs look super funky and very chic.

These designs look absolutely brilliant when added to an umbrella, pillow, scarf or another accessory. We are certain you will love them!

About Blooms of London

Blooms of London is a young and energetic British company that is passionate about design. We create a wide range of products including umbrellas, scarves, handbags, makeup bags, table mats, ties, jewellery, and cushions. 

Our inspiration comes from beautiful objects in the natural world. We use everything from flamingos to flowers in our designs, creating unique and interesting products.

To learn more about products, please contact us at or on the phone via (+44) 020 8 014 4560

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